Bringing Blogging Back

Blogs lost popularity when social media took over the world. We got distracted.

Blogline is a fresh, minimalist approach to blogging. An independent home for your writing that looks great and is a delight to use.

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Features ✨

A distraction-free writing experience

A minimal design removes distractions so you can focus on your writing. Our auto-saving editor allows you to safely capture your thoughts without worrying about accidentally losing them.

Apply formatting with familiar keyboard shortcuts, or use the built-in toolbar. Drag and drop photos and images into your work. Auto-embed media from sites like Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare and Mixcloud.

One-click to preview or publish.

Editor screenshot

A distraction-free reading experience

Your blog has a beautiful, minimal design. It looks perfect on any browser, on any device.

Add your own touch with a custom logo, a choice of serif or sans-serif typefaces, social links and a customisable site menu.

Blog site screenshot

Embed your favourite media

Simply embed media in your articles in one click.

Blogline supports many common embeds such as YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud, Spotify, Flickr, Twitter, Speakerdeck and more!

Embed screenshot

Create 5 unique blogs per account

A single blog for everything can be too constraining. You might want to keep your work posts on a different domain to your personal journal.

You might want a private family blog, as well as a site dedicated to your music.

Blogline allows you to manage up to five unique blogs on a single account.

Blogs page screenshot

Built-in page view statistics

🔐 Privacy is our thing.

We safely and privately collect anonymous visitor data so you can see the popularity of your posts, without the need to hand your data over to Google Analytics.

Blog image

Publish your writing or keep it private

You can choose to publish your articles to the world, or keep them on private links to share only with people you choose.

Every blog gets a unique web address, such as If you prefer, you can easily bring your own domain name instead. We handle complexities like TLS certificates so you don't have to.

Admin interface image

Build a following

Your readers can subscribe to your blogs via RSS or email updates. Each time you publish a new post, your subscribers will be automatically notified.

Admin interface image

Pricing 💸

No nonsense pricing

Blogline is a privacy-focused app with human customer support. To offer great service, we need to charge a fair price.

You get what you pay for.

Every new account gets a 14-day, fully-featured free trial so you can kick our tyres.


$3 / month

Save 20% by paying annually

$30 / year

  • 5 blogs per account
  • Custom domains with SSL certificates
  • Email support
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Test the waters with a 14-day fully-featured free trial. No credit card required.